Thursday, July 25, 2013

Education's Goodhart's Law Violation?

As I look to prepare my school community for the newest form of standardized testing that my students will be using, and that as a school we will be judged on (as a school in Rhode Island we will be using PARCC), I have a few nagging questions/concerns that keep popping into my head. However, after reading Steve Denning's The Single Best Idea for Reforming K-12 Education I believe I found common thread to my questions & concerns:
"The current focus on testing has tended to make test results the goal of the system, rather than a measure. The change in goal means recognizing that a test is only measure. Using tests as the goal infringes Goodhart’s Law: when measure becomes the goal, it ceases to be an effective measure."
In our preparation for standardized testing that is aligned to the Common Core, have we violated Goodhart's Law? If so, have we usurped the potential power that is the CCSS?

Although this discovery has not decreased the nagging questions in my head, it has helped to align them and has created one major question that now lingers- When have so many countless hours been spent preparing, creating and/or dismantling elements of our educational system for something that is going to determine the fate of so many, but has yet to be: created/released to the population that will use it, proven reliable, and/or proven valid?

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