Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beware the Polarizing Power of Twitter?

I had this exchange a while back on Twitter. (Thanks Michelle for agreeing to let me post)-

This exchange made me reflect on the following:

  • Does interacting with educators on Twitter skew the reality about the readiness of and appetite for systemic reform? 
  • What is important about connecting with educators on Twitter if we are just connecting with those who share our educational core values?
  • Does getting others on to Twitter help convert the "naysayers"?
  • Are we just preaching to the choir, furthering polarizing our belief system and adding to our frustration levels?
While I have different answers to the questions above, I have come to the conclusion that no matter the secondary effects of being on Twitter, it helps me to become a better leader because I get to connect to educators like Michelle Lampinen (and everyone else at #SBLchat) and then these exchanges force me to confront difficult realities and to stop once in a while to reflect on my school & State's current reality vs. that of the educational best practices promoted throughout the Twitterverse.

So a bit of advice- build your PLN, connect with others from across the globe, lurk and engage in edchats, follow those who you both agree and disagree with, but remember- not everyone is here...even though they should be ;)

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