Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Updated 3-10 Given 30 Minutes & Permission To Play (A Post Re: Our Journey to 1:1)

Today at the faculty meeting of East Greenwich High School (bolstered in confidence by Tuesday evening's unanimous vote to approve a budget that includes 1:1 Chromebooks for all students 9-12 in SY 14-15 by the EG School Committee) we continued to: explore new technologies, refine our professional practice and collaborate with one another. Today we continued to show the new reality and pertinence of the quote "the smartest person in the room, is the room."
By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration and given: 30 minutes, our core values, and directions "to go play" with apps in the Chrome Store, teachers at East Greenwich High School created the following doc to help one another explore relevant Chrome "apps"

*If you are having difficulty viewing, you can see the Google Doc version here- EGHS ChromeAppsforEd Exploration

I am proud that we did this through play and not through a consultant, a grant, a script, a threat of punishment, or to fulfill a mandate.  Although it is a small glimpse of what occurred this afternoon (it is only a doc & does not show the true level of collaboration, conversations and passion that the educators brought to the "play date") it does provide a glimpse of what committed educators can do when given time (even only 30 minutes), autonomy and the opportunity to collaborate with one another in meaningful way.

Next up- exploring SAMR and moving beyond S&A.  Stay tuned...

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