Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food for Thought Shared 4/13/2014

Below you will find "Food For Thought" links shared 4/13/2014. Hope you find them useful. If not, check back next week as the menu always changes!

  1. I have been referencing throughout the course of the year materials by Seth Godin. If you like or appreciate his message, here is a post with links to some of his "greatest hits"-
  2. Gratitude is the New Willpower-
  3. 5 Incredible Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder-
  4. 3 Keynotes from conferences EGHS educators have attended this year:
    1. George Couros from "Leading Future Learning 2014" Conference
    2. Chris Lehmann from "MassCUE 2013"
    3. Tony Wagner from "MassCUE 2013"
Background- In my weekly Sunday night email to teachers I end with links to articles, videos, posts and other links that I have curated throughout the week that have made me pause and reflect upon my leadership, my practice, my school, my relationships, and my students.  Awhile ago, a teacher in my building Mr. DeCubellis, shared with me a file of all of last year's "Food for Thought".  Since then I have wanted to curate the materials further myself, beyond an email, and share them with an even larger audience. Additionally, I am still trying to get to posting regularly on this blog and I am hoping that this will provide me with a baby step to getting to at least a weekly post.

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