Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I EdCamps!

It's official. 

I am done. 

No more. 

I give up.

Thanks to meaningful, relevant, hands-on, vote with your feet, create the sessions you need, connect with the person next to you and the room, EdCamp model of professional development that I have experienced, (as well as PD/conferences implemented by ISTE, EdTechTeacher, MassCUE) I can no longer tolerate the "let me lecture at you about best practices, even though I am exhibiting none of them" garbage that passes as professional development and gives PD a bad name. 

Now I am not saying that EdCamp is the end all be all model for everyone. "Different strokes for different folks" as "they" say, but after an EdCamp I sure find myself exhausted from doing compared to exhausted from sitting and listening/cringing

But...because manufactured and/or mandated PD will never stop, I will pass along some tips I hope non-EdCamp PD creators will use to win me back. So below is my plea to corporate PD developers:

  1. If you have an inspiring keynote, challenge and help participants to take action or create something after it. 
  2. Provide spaces for people to work in groups or alone quietly.
  3. Let me know in advance the type activity that will occur during a session.  For example, let me know if a session is a lecture, requires technology, or involves a protocol that is going to require me talk to strangers. 
  4. Differentiate your sessions. Have beginner, intermediate, advanced sessions.
  5. Keep the hashtag manageable. Don't use #amazinglearningbroughttoyoubyapublishingcompany2014
  6.  Reduce the price, or at least make sure the hotel doesn't charge me for internet. Also, I don't need, want, or will ever use a messenger bag or lanyard with your logo on it.  
  7. Don't put awards before or after the keynote. I am all for celebrating peoples' accomplishments, but I am here to learn, so make it an optional award session or gathering.
I am sure more will come to me, but that is my list for now. Would love to see what my PLN will add, so please comment away.

Happy EdCamping! 

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  1. And please don't make me decide which sessions I want to attend ahead of time. How exactly am I supposed to know in advance what is going to meet my needs on that particular day and moment in my professional life?