Sunday, August 10, 2014

That's Not Flying, That's Free-Fall!!!

All too often I hear at (required) trainings "We are building the plane as we fly." The problem with this, and usually the programs the person is advocating/training for is:

  1. If you are not able to fly yet, how did this "plane" off the ground? (Not to mention why does it have "passengers"?)
  2. Since when are the passengers responsible for the flying of the aircraft, never mind it's construction and maintenance?
  3. Technically what you are describing is not flying. You are in free-fall. This being the case, I'm not looking to build the "plane", I'm looking for a parachute!
So as we begin SY 14-15, if you are leading a training that is "still building the plane" thank you for being honest about your product/initiative/training, but I'm trying to get, keep and land safely all the planes that I already have in the air.  Until you can actually get my students to their destination of choice, keep it in the hanger.

Let me know when you are flying, but until then, I'll pass until you get it off the ground. 

BTW- I also will not be putting ANY of my school community on your free-falling initiative until you do. (At least not without a parachute!)

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