Monday, April 27, 2015

Unexpected Lessons From My Bammy! Nomination

Seth Godin said:
People are real, but the crowd disappoints
Every crowd, sooner or later, will let you down.
The crowd contains a shoplifter, or a heckler, or an anonymous boor who leaves a snarky comment.
The crowd loses interest, the crowd denigrates the work, the crowd isn't serious.
Worst of all, sometimes the crowd turns into a mob, out of control and bloodthirsty.
But people, people are real.
People will look you in the eye.
People will keep their promises. People can grow, can change, can be generous.
When in doubt, ignore the crowd (and forgive them). When possible, look for people instead.

Given the feedback to date on my Bammy! Award nomination, I have learned the truth in Seth's post, and would add:
  • People will sign their name.
  • People will give you honest feedback.
  • People will tell you where you can improve.
I was going to write about the"heckler" and the "anonymous boor", but I am taking Mr. Godin's advice instead and writing only about those who matter-- the people who will: look you in the eye, keep their promises, help you grow, change, be generous, AND who will sign their name, give honest feedback, and help you improve.

My sincere thanks go out to all the people! Thanks for letting me know you.

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