Friday, November 20, 2015

#Choose2Matter #MakeItMatterEG Student Announcement

Below is my address to students during today's morning announcements regarding our #Choose2Matter/#MakeItMatterEG experiences planned for Monday and Tuesday. Please consider following, and helping, our school's and students' journeys by following those hashtags on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

"We, the EGHS community, strive to empower all members to achieve their full potential as learners, thinkers and responsible global citizens. We take risks in order to inspire learning and discover passions"

"...take risks in order to inspire learning and discover passions" on Monday and Tuesday we, as an entire school community, will live our mission. As a school, we will take the risks we speak of in our mission. On Monday and Tuesday, you will have unprecedented freedom, choice and opportunities to shape your experiences during your time at EGHS.

You will have: faculty, staff, mentors, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, Senators, Congressmen, School Committee members, psychologists, nurses, philanthropists, and individuals from many other professions and walks of life; all show up-- not to tell you what to do, or tell you what is important, or tell you how to be like them. Rather, everyone will be here with the one goal-- to help you.

Help you to do what you what you want to do. 

Help you with what you are passionate about.   

Help you to make changes to what you want to make changes to.

Help you to help those you want to help.

So what do we need from you?  
We need you to embrace this opportunity. We need you to show us what empowerment looks and lives like. We need you to be brave. We need you to not run away from freedom and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Still not sure?
That is okay. But, then it is all the more important that you be here on Monday and Tuesday. Because on Monday and Tuesday you will experience the amazing things empowered individuals, groups and communities can do and achieve when they make the conscious choice to choose to matter.

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  1. You are the leader I wish them to be!!! Thank you for being the model Michael I can't wait to see you all!!! #YOUMATTER