Monday, September 23, 2013

What Would You Say?

"What do students at EGHS feel about the NECAPS"?
"What would you say to the student or students who wrote that"?

I have been repeatedly met with questions like the above ever since I tweeted the following:

For those who are interested here is my, albeit brief, answer:

Re: Student Feelings About NECAP?-
Different students likely feel differently about NECAP. Some see it as an opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do. Some see it as an academic challenge, others as a personal challenge. Some see it as a hoop to jump through in order to graduate.  Some students' feelings revolve around a concern for the experiences of others.  Some are nervous.  
It is important to remember that 11th grade students taking this year's NECAP have not been part of a NECAP test since October of their 8th grade year.  As such, many may have forgotten about their last experience or may not have emotions about NECAP at all.

Re: What Would I Say To The Student(s) Who Wrote This?-
I don't want to say anything; I want to listen.  In my opinion, the most valuable learning experiences are the ones that are personalized and driven by intrinsic motivation. So, I would want to listen to the student who feels that he or she is being "pigeonholed".  I want to listen to the student who feels "defined by a number" by the educational experience. I want to listen and commend the student for his or her concerns "about the others". Finally, I would want to listen to assure this individual student and all students that they will always be treated as "an individual, not a standard".

So if you are the student who wrote this, or you are a student with similar concerns and you happen to read this, my door is always open to you.